Building Information Products That Sell

Information products can take any form:

-live calls
-membership only areas

This 14 day course will teach you how to identify the best information product for your readers, as well as guiding you through creating, and market it smartly.









Selling Art With Print-On-Demand

In 8 lessons, learn how to take your artwork and sell it to millions around the world without any overhead expenses involved in a traditional brick and mortar shop.

  • Decide on the best platform

  • Learn how to best promote your work

  • Create a shop on your blog.

  • Reach an interested audience on Facebook






Creating a Killer List Builder

EVERYTHING you need to create a killer list builder:

Day 1: Writing your list builder. It's about the length of a blog post (or longer) but WHAT you write about is going to have a major impact on how well your list builder works.
Day 2: How to design the cover using either Photoshop (30 day free trial) or Canva (free). Included: ANY Shutterstock image for your cover image.
Day 3: How to design the interior using either Powerpoint or WordPress. Included: Free templates and fonts for your design.
Day 4: Setting up your offer and connecting it with a mailing list program (we demo Mailchimp and ConvertKit). Included:templates for creating an ebook mock-up
Day 5: Creating an automation workflow so you can send them newsletters, latest posts and/or a series of offers for your product.