Building Information Products That Sell



Information products can take any form:

-live calls
-membership only areas

This 14 day course will teach you how to identify the best information product for your readers, as well as guiding you through creating, and market it smartly.





The complete launch toolkit for creatives who loathe doing marketing. Includes your launch project plan, task list and everything you'll need to execute a successful launch from sample emails, long form appeals (great for blog posts) and tips for framing your product and communicating that message over and over again during launch.








In 8 lessons, learn how to take your artwork and sell it to millions around the world without any overhead expenses involved in a traditional brick and mortar shop.

  • Decide on the best platform

  • Learn how to best promote your work

  • Create a shop on your blog.

  • Reach an interested audience on Facebook



With Facebook's 1.71 active users, it is by far where the most people are social media. Learn how to reach them the most effectively before the holiday sales season begins, targeting the right people for your product and saving you time and money on unnecessary spending.