We recommend new bloggers start with WordPress and their own web hosting. Why? Well it’s an investment in the future:

1. There are close to 40,000 WordPress plugins that are not available unless you have a web host with WordPress.
2. Blogger or Typepad won’t let you expand with plugins.
3. Site platforms like WIX or Squarespace are great for static 3-4 page websites (like for a restaurant or your dentist) but not so great for a site that will produce dozens if not hundreds of new posts per year.
4. It’s a pain to switch later.

So start with where 99% of bloggers end up: self-hosted WordPress.

Platform breakdown excel sheet


Siteground (The best/cheapest web hosting)

Bluehost (Slightly cheaper but has had some issues with customer support)

WP Engine (What we use, expensive with perfect service and extremely fast speeds)

Questions about this? Ask Christine in the Hello, Creative Genius Facebook group.