Using a grid to break a figure down.

Day 6 lessons showed a lot of promise. It wasn’t an easy task, but it also showed me that there is a tendency to look at the paper a lot more than you are looking at your subject. Look up, see a chair, look down, and draw a chair that you remember drawing, or something resembling the chair but it without actually placing the legs. A representation of a chair more than what is really there.

So first, I want you to go back and do the hand contour exercise again, just to get you in the mindset of not looking at your paper as much as your subject. Once that is done the real stuff begins.


So today’s exercise is going to break down a subject into smaller pieces. You will isolate small parts of a subject and by drawing them separately you can more easily remember to look at each piece that you are drawing. I think that when I asked you to draw what was in front of you, there is a certain period of time that passes and then we start to want to finish the drawing quickly and cut corners, fleshing out parts without actually looking at them. This will make you look at each square as something you have to pay attention to.

This is the subject.


So I want you to draw a grid on your paper. Lightly if you can, in pencil so it doesn’t dominate the drawing. For this subject the grid is four blocks wide and six blocks tall.


Choose one section of the grid and block it out, Don’t draw sections that are next to each other, that way you will avoid simply drawing a statue of a woman, instead you are drawing something much more abstract.


This was my process:

grid_00 grid_01

grid_03 grid_04

grid_05 grid_07

And this is what to really look at. Where do the edges of the object meet up with the edge of the grid? Instead of looking at the object as a whole, look at how far along the grid edge that part of the object appears, and draw that. When blocking it out, that is the most important thing to pay attention to.

grid_10 grid_13

grid_14 grid_15


And this is the final result. It’s not an IDEAL way to draw, and not my normal method, but after doing it I am remembering how great it is as practice.

  • ASSIGNMENTS:Draw your hand without looking, use a contour line, the same way we did in day 3.
  • Draw the statue using the grid method above.
  • Post it in the Facebook group!

Good luck guys, this will be time consuming but SO WORTHWHILE. I promise we will play tomorrow.


1Draw a contour line of your hand without looking
2Draw the statue using the grid
3Post results to Facebook