Positive/Negative space

Today we are drawing a chair. Super exciting, except that you aren’t drawing a chair, really. You are drawing the space surrounding the chair.

Here is the chair.


Below is how I want you to approach it. Choose a space within the chair to start with. It’s just a shape that you have to define. Once that space is defined, choose another space close to it. Then another.

The outside of the chair is what will be the hardest part, especially down near the legs. You aren’t drawing a chair though, you are drawing the space around the chair. Do your best.




This task also comes from DRAWING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN and is part of how we deconstruct your idea of drawing a thing you are familiar with, and instead try to define what it is you are actually seeing. Post your results in the Facebook Group so we can see how it went.

BONUS: If you have an interesting chair in your house, I would love to see you do it again with a different chair.

Tomorrow we will play around with color without much expectations, so if you haven’t picked up colored pencils or watercolors or some other method of putting color down, today is the day to do that.


  • Draw the positive space around the chair in whatever is most comfortable (pen, pencil, both etc)
  • Post it to the Facebook group (look for the specific thread)


1Chair Drawing Done
2Posted to Facebook