Color And Typography

Today we are going to play with color and typography. If you are going to journal, incorporating text is something you will want to do. At a bare minimum you will want your handwriting to be legible, but if you can make it more artistic it will be much more interesting. There are two things I want you to take a look at in preparation, the first is at this link where you can find a ton of great typography examples, the second is the video below that deals specifically with text in sketchbook journals:

This is going to be low pressure but (in my case at least) it could take more than 30 minutes to do. There are easier ways to do it than this but this is my process.

The goal is to slap down some color, hopefully in an interesting way, and that will be the backdrop for my text. I know I want a vaguely purple/blue/red thing going on, and my first dabs are awkward.



The cool thing about watercolor or most any paint, is that you can continue to layer it on in stages and play until you get something that works.


Once I have something I like, I realized it would look better horizontal. Accidentally, I made something that looked abstractly brain-like, which fits the saying I want to put on the picture.


Then I laid down some pencil where I wanted the lines to go. You can do this with pens or other ways, but I wanted to try out a white paint pen I bought a couple of weeks ago.



Watch the video, then check out the link I provided to give you some ideas for what is possible. Play around with color and text, and then talk it over in the Facebook group. There are hundreds of ways to do this correctly and don’t punish yourself for doing work that isn’t beautiful straight away. Just play.

And try to make it legible. 🙂



1Play with color and typography
2Share it in the Facebook group