The last lesson will be a repeat of the first. I want you to do another self portrait.

Use the grid you made earlier if you need it. Use any technique you found useful through these lessons. If you found drawing or painting materials that you really enjoyed using, break them out. Make it as comfortable and fun for yourself as you can. Keep what you learned in mind. Do your best to break away from the symbols you were so familiar with when you did your first self portrait.

When I did my initial self portrait, I didn’t follow any of the rules that I set out to teach you in later lessons. For this version I used the grid, along with paying attention to light and shadow, basically what I would do if I was a student and had been paying attention.


Straight away I realized I didn’t know how best to structure that my face needed, so I went deeper in and made ANOTHER grid to guide my drawing of the face.


Once I had my face constructed the way I wanted, I could pull back and start rendering elements, paying attention to light and shadow as best I could.




There comes a point in every portrait where you pull back and think “This is going horribly! This isn’t what I thought it would look like!” and for me, the above drawing was that point. When you get there, push through it and trust that if you keep going it will improve. By using darker paper I was able to pull out white pencil and make the light areas pop, and then I felt like I was getting closer.




I stopped at this point because I realized I was about to put in more time than I would ask you to put into your own portrait. So this is between 25 and 40 minutes (I wasn’t keeping exact time) which I think is about right. It doesn’t have to be a finished piece, you just need to show that you have been paying attention to the earlier lessons.

If you have put time in each day to draw (even a small amount) and have gone through all of the lessons in the course, you will see a difference from then to now. This is my first self portrait next to the one I did here.



So have fun, post your results in the Facebook Group and congratulate yourself for having made a real effort to learn to do something most people are scared to try or determined they simply cannot do. I’m proud of you guys.


1Do your final self portrait
2Show it off in the Facebook group