Embellish your drawing.

Yesterday we did the sketch of a location in the world where we are, or where we would like to be. I asked you to spend a lot of time nailing the sketch, getting things down as correctly as you could.


Now I like to ink. It’s my thing. You don’t have to. If you did a tight drawing, and or just want to start painting, absolutely do that. If you want inspiration on how others embellish, as always head to the Urban Sketchers Group I told you to join in the beginning. For me though, it was inks.


I personally am not as good at painting as I am at drawing (there will not be a “Learn to Paint” course on the site in the near future), but inking was not enough for me to be happy, so I went for it, and I urge you to as well. Finishing is something you should be thrilled with, even if the image in your head doesn’t match what is on the paper.


I want you to spend as much time embellishing, or more, as you did on the sketch, and I really want to see the final result in the Facebook Group!


1Embellish your drawing
2Post the results in the Facebook Group