Today you break out the grid you made earlier and combine it with all the hands you have been drawing. I want you to pose your hand behind the grid with some (not all) of your fingers pointed towards you. Ideally you would simply draw your hand behind the grid but I feel like that is kind of unreasonable. Instead, take a picture of your hand behind the grid, import it to a tablet or your computer and draw from there.


Don’t draw sections next to each other.

Deliberately try to draw sections that are away from each other until you have no other choices. if you break down any ones section, it makes it harder to draw the “symbol” you always have for hands and fingers. Stitch each abstract piece together and you will have a hand.








There it is. While it lacks the crazed excitement of the no-look contour drawing, it should get you one step further away from the symbols we are trying to break away from and give you a functional finished drawing at the end. Head over to the Facebook group and show off how you did.



1Draw your hand with fingers pointed towards you using your grid
2Show it off in the Facebook group