Over the last 30 days or so I’ve been experimenting with how to get my Facebook numbers up. I know things constantly change, so while these methods have been suggested in the past, I think they are really starting to work very well with the current FB system.

What did I do? I tried to post viral content that was related to my site’s main focus — food, travel, kids — and I mostly just plundered things from my friend’s pages that seemed to get a lot of shares or looked interesting to me. What happened? Well I got something like 18,000 views in the last week… I have 5,000 followers, so that’s a relatively large impact. For a while there I was getting 200-300 views per day, so it’s a big increase. What I’ve noticed though is two things: FB has set my daily average at about 4,400 — they are letting almost all of my audience see things if it’s good. I am routinely getting a minimum of 30% views of my own stuff, with the better posts getting 50-125% of views. That’s on posts from my blog. So posting that viral post that got 19K views, while it didn’t drive traffic to my site, it did make Facebook more generous with EVERYTHING ElSE I posted.

Here’s the overall reach (click for larger view):



Here you can see that my average views are hovering at about 4,400 or about 88% of my total readership — that’s higher than ever (click for larger view):




And finally you can see what goes viral (click for larger view). It’s mostly not my stuff, but the interesting thing is that some of these things got ZERO shares, so Facebook is posts outside their paid customers and if you get something with lots of likes or comments, it could be showing up in the feeds of the friends of your followers (click for larger view):