Welcome to Easy Viral Video For Social Media!

Thanks for joining us here. This course is intended for people who may have never edited a video together to be able to jump in and slowly become accustomed to the software you will be using. I know that video creation feels daunting to most people, but I assure you that you can learn how to make great videos without needing to learn what every software command does.

It is possible to keep things simple for yourself and still make great, shareable videos.

Head over to module 1 in the sidebar. The way we are structuring this course is to make you take action and do the work in order to proceed to the following lessons. Because video is somewhat more complicated for most people, it’s vital that you do each step so that we know you are not overwhelmed with information.

First step:

Go download Lightworks. It is the video editor we will be using, good on both PC and Macs, and it is free!

Get to work! I can’t wait to see what you make.