Clean, consistent, organized pin boards

If you had a personal Pinterest account that you are now attempting to transition into promoting your blog or creative work, you have to go through every board you currently have and decide if it will be appealing to the particular group of people you want to attract. If you are a writer, it’s a safe bet that your audience won’t care much for a board where you collected ideas for how to set up your garden.

Clean up the boards!

If you are starting with a blank slate/new Pinterest account, you can skip straight to making boards relevant to the needs of your audience. For everyone else who is established, it’s time to take a hard look at what boards are just for you, and what boards are in service to the needs and tastes of your audience. Anything that is clearly just for your own personal exploring of inspiration for your own life, those have to go.

Thankfully you don’t have to DELETE those boards, you can simply make them secret only to you (or others that you choose to collaborate with, if you are working on something that requires the ideas of more than one person). You do this by going into the board and clicking the PENCIL icon. From there you can choose to make the board SECRET. You also have the option to delete the board entirely, but you don’t have to be that extreme. When you are done, hit SAVE and the board will not be viewable to your audience.

So you have the boards you want to move forward with.

Great! Don’t forget to name them in a clear, concise way. If you have names you thought were clever – change them! Pinterest search is awesome, and it needs you to be clear in your titles and descriptions so you can be found more easily. Naming things cleverly is fun for the people who already follow you but don’t help new people find you.

Add board descriptions!

In the edit field you need to also describe what your board is about. Again this is in service to helping Pinterest search do it’s job, so write clearly and add keywords that you want people to find you with. In this board’s case, I am looking for anyone struggling with the resistance that comes from being creative. I included writer’s block, creative block and resistance, all intentionally. You can always be more on the nose, even using hashtags if you want, but hashtags are generally unnecessary.

Arrange your boards!

You can shuffle your boards around easily on your profile simply by clicking and dragging boards where you want them to be. The top layer of boards needs to be the most successful/prolific boards you have that are useful to your audience, but the first board you need to showcase is one featuring content from your blog or creative work.

Create covers for each board that are visually consistent!

Take a look at this board from Practical Wanderlust. It’s incredibly pretty, and better, easy to know what each board is about right away.

The names are clear, they look great, and they are set up in such a way that I feel compelled to dig in and see what the boards have in them, even though I know what it is they are doing.

Showcase your favorite boards

Once you have one or more boards you have pinned great stuff into, you have the option to “feature” them on your profile. Head to the settings and click the Edit button next to Showcase. From there, choose up to five boards to feature.

The showcase becomes a fun slideshow collage that happens under your profile. Not everyone likes how this looks, so you can decide if it’s something you want to do after trying it out and seeing if it works for you.

Ultimately, the pins have to look nice or be incredibly helpful

The best first impression is made visually. It’s vital that you be useful, and Pinterest is excellent for finding helpful information, but I had never been to Practical Wanderlust before just now. They were not on my radar, but I find these boards extremely interesting and want to know more about them because it all looks so pretty, with a consistent visual eye.

In the next module we will talk about what to post and how often, but your assignment for this module is to create or clean up your Pinterest boards, and name everything cleanly. If you are making a new account, make sure you pin at least a few things to each board you create. If you don’t have anything to pin in particular board, set it to secret until you can pin some items to them.

When you have your profile ready, show off your Pinterest profile in the Facebook group and we will all give each other whatever feedback you might need to hear.