Making The Best First Impression (your profile)

Your profile boils down to three important things:

  • Is it clear?
  • Can you find it?
  • Does it look great?

Lost in much of people’s praise of Pinterest is that it is an amazing search engine. It’s so good in fact, that defining clearly who you are, what you are doing and why people should follow you will help perfect strangers who need what you are offering find you.

Your tribe is out there. Help them find you.

If you have done the Business Plan for Bloggers course, you should have a very clear idea of who you are trying to reach, and at least have some ideas of what you can offer them. So let’s start with a profile that is clearly stated. You should know at this point,

What does your business or blog offer (specifically)?

Who do you do this for?

You only get 160 characters to tell people who you are on Pinterest, so use them wisely. Here are some profiles we think work:

Always, always include your blog’s URL in your profile (this does not affect your 160 character limit) as well as your location. From there, your 160 characters needs to reflect something about you and more importantly, what new people should expect from your pins in a way that includes keywords for search but also, ideally, sounds natural. YTravelBlog is a great example of this. I highlighted where they tell you what they can expect.

Hecktic Travels is another example. They spend more characters on the description of who they are than they do on what it is you can expect from them, but the read of this is clean and clear.

I included these last two because so many creative entrepreneurs straddle the line between personal stories and the services they provide. It can be a tricky balance. Below is AFAR, which is fully a brand rather than a personality.

It’s mission statement is strong, but leaves no room for any SEO. What we like about this profile more, is the #traveldeeper hashtag. It is used as a community building anchor. Anyone searching for that hashtag will be casually attached to Afar, and people are encouraged to use the hashtag as a way of possibly getting their attention or to piggy back onto the popularity of the hashtag – in this way, Afar is doing less SEO, and more community building. The fact that they have the smallest following of these three profiles might have something to do with them not attending to the SEO of their profile, though more likely with less than 7,000 pins to yTravelBlogs’s 33,000, and Hecktic Travel’s 20,000, their output is a huge factor.

CONSIDER: Creating a short link to send those interested in learning more

If you have characters to spare in your profile, and a list building freebie, this is the space to put it. Use a link shortener to save yourself some characters (we like but you can use whatever you prefer). For our own profile, I decided to use the shortener to send people to our Hello Creative Genius Facebook group.

Profile Image:

If you are a personal blog or your personality is firmly tethered to your business, your profile pic absolutely has to be not only of your face, but as high a quality professional photo as you are able to use. Users can easily ignore a profile pic that is simply a landscape photo or otherwise gives no indication of your personality or brand. AVOID SELFIES.

If your business is more of a brand, you can simply use your logo. Again, look at the profile pics of those mentioned above:

yTravelBlog  – Pretty couple, champagne, they are living well and want to show you how.
Hecktic Travels – They are in love, with each other, with the world.
Afar – Simple logo, formatted to fit within a circle without being cropped.

So your assignment is to choose or take a great profile photo that suits your brand, and your name should reflect your brand or blog name, something that has some consistency across your social networks. If you have space to create a link to your list builder, put that in as well.

In the next module we will talk about your boards and round out your profile.

1Create a clear, SEO friendly profile statement
2Update your profile pic if needed