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Automation week! This week I’m teaching you how to set up your community event from a technical stand point. By now you should have a concept, a length of project and a really lovely sales pitch written.

If not, that’s okay, let’s just keep moving forward, you can create them as you go this week.

So why automation? Well you could technically send out these emails by hand. For example, if you’re doing a 7-day healthy eating challenge with recipes, you might just create a mailing list and send out those broadcast emails by hand.

Why Automation is better than Manual:

1. Same amount of time to create the emails
2. One time learning curve but then it’s easy to set up (only takes a few minutes to create an automation workflow)
3. Makes it so late sign-ups get all the emails
4. You can set it and leave it to run challenges that are more open ended (it might begin on May 1st but people can sign up all summer)

One downside: If you’re using mailchimp on a free account they do charge you to use their automation tools. If you’re trying to avoid paying for a mailing list (who can blame you) then you could switch to Mailerlite (I’m mentioning this late in the game because I didn’t plan on covering more than two mailing list providers but enough students here are using it that I’m going to start including it in my demos going forward).

Creating Your Workflow

For this I’ve created video demos on how to set it up… but from a high level perspective you need to know what your emails will include. For my 7 day challenge I will have:

1. Thank you and welcome email (sent immediately)
– Thank you
– What to Expect
– Steps to take right now (like my FB page etc)

2. Days 1-7 emails
– Your content (think 1-3 paragraphs)
– Link to any of your content on the blog that’s relevant
– Direct them to FB or other channels

3. Post-challenge email
– Thank you
– Here’s the links to each day’s emails
– How to continue on…
– Next steps you want them to take (pre-load next event if you have one… “join us in September for the XYZ challenge here (link to sign up for that new list))






1 Add your last week’s NEW subscribers (not total) to the spreadsheet

Each week we’re going to record our progress. This will not only give you a way to track your week-to-week changes, it’ll also give you an idea of how the rest of the class is doing.

The spreadsheet is here.

2 Build your community event list

It depends on your mailing list provider but in general you should use a separate list for Mailchimp and Mailerlite. Convertkit will handle the sign-ups through a separate form (and drop them into a sequene).

3 Build your community event form

Just like your newsletter form, you’ll want to get a short link that you can share and an embeddable form.

4 Write your community event emails

Keep these brief, bright and punchy! This is a good item to get feedback in the FB group once you have them written (just put them all in the same word doc and upload to our private group).

5 Blog post #1

Are you keeping up with your blogging?

6 Blog post #2

If you’re not sure what to write, check out this quick guide (with a few dozen post ideas too).

7 Build your automation workflow

This sounds daunting but check out the demo videos — it’s super quick one you get in there…

8 Post on social media 1x per day to keep things moving

Keep all the balls in the air! We want to continue to engage on our networks, even when we’re knee-deep in ebook planning.

9 Be sure to mark your progress to enter to win

Once you finish all the tasks from weeks 1-4, you will be entered to win $25 worth of FB ads! Only catch: must finish by May 1st. I KNOW. You can do this!

Mark Your Progress

1Add your last week’s NEW subscribers (not total) to the spreadsheet
2Build your community event list
3Build your community event form
4Write your community event emails
5Blog post #1
6Blog post #2
7Build your automation workflow
8Post on social media 1x per day to keep things moving
9Be sure to mark your progress to enter to win

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