This course is all about building momentum…

10% of your core audience will subscribe right away. The other 90% need to be convinced. They might like your blog but think “ugh, no, not another newsletter…”

There is a level of resistence to subscribing.

To overcome that you need to get your blog out in front of those people multiple times. If they keep seeing you pop up in their feed, or in their searches, they are more likely to subscribe.

How do you build momentum?

It’s a 1,000 little things. We’re going to tweak and push and test and keep going, little by little each day.

You’re going to install a pop-up.
You’re going to try to write a viral post.
You’re going to increase your social proof with more comments.
You’re going to make a free ebook to giveaway.
You’re going to run an event.
You’ll try Pinterest. Instagram. Facebook.
You’ll join forces with other bloggers. You’ll leverage big bloggers’ names.
You’ll guest post. Write a resource post. Email your friends.
And more and more and more…

It’s 100 days and I’m going to ask you to do a little bit each and every day. Why does it work? It combines three forces: new subscribers (who share your content and create a snowball effect), wearing down the resistant would-be subscribers, and increasing your SEO footprint so future subscribers can find you. This three prong approach adds up to momentum, a virtuous cycle of growth. There is a ceiling, your niche only has so many people and it gets harder and harder over time to reach new readers. But for these 100 days we’re picking up the low-hanging fruit. The first 1,000. The good news is you can use these techniques over and over again to continue to grow your list (although I recommend doing this in spurts, perhaps just once or twice a year for shorter periods, after you get the first 100).

How this course works:

For 100 days we’re going to chip away at our core audience’s resistance and charm them into joining our tribe. We’re going to be amazing. Fun! Interesting. Projecting an air of confidence.

Each week there is a new set of tasks, and you can complete them in any order. To move on to the next week, you must complete all the tasks, check them off and finish that week’s quiz.

Every Tuesday at 9 AM EST you’ll receive an email with that week’s materials and you’ll see a new section added to the menu here (see top right –>).

Every Thursday at NOON EST / 9 AM PST we will have a group mastermind meeting where we can all get together and talk about how it’s going.