The Creative Entrepreneur Road Map
October 21-22nd
If you feel like your blog has stalled in it’s growth, or you are struggling to find a path towards success that works for you, you will want to join us in Sydney for this weekend-long workshop. This workshop is tailored towards breaking through your blogging plateau, with an emphasis on voice, story, writing, photography, design, messaging and branding. Participants will get a chance to provide information before the weekend begins that will help us use the two days most effectively, so have an idea of where you would like to be as a blogger, and be prepared to learn and leave the weekend with a solid plan on how to grow your blog the right way.
(this is our first trip to Australia! So excited for this)
Hi, I'm Christine Gilbert

I’m a writer + entrepreneur who has been jetting around the globe, making babies (three!) and really enjoying the dulce vita for almost a decade now.

I wasn’t always like this. In 2007, I was sitting in a grey corporate office overlooking the Prudential in Boston and the highlight of my day was clicking across the streets in my stiff Ann Taylor suit and painful heels to buy a salad at California Kitchen.

I had all the trappings of success – a six figure salary, a management position at GE, and my name in silver letters on a corporate credit card.

Yet, I was suffocating. I knew I needed a big change. That Christmas my grandfather died. Time felt like it was running out. By that summer, I took the plunge: quit my job, launched a blog and started traveling.

However, there was one thing I knew: I did not want to swap my stressful corporate job for another unhappy work treadmill. I didn’t just want to change careers, I wanted to change my lifestyle.

In that way, being a creative entrepreneur is different than any other business.

I’m a writer and a blogger. That’s my focus. The money piece is the freedom to do it my way. It means not having to write for someone else, not having to compromise, not having to beg or scramble to get work.

I do this because I love creating. I want to have a full and prosperous life but not at the expense of how I spend my days.

We want it all:

-Money (Yes, what we create has value)
-Time Freedom (We don’t want to punch a clock)
-Location Freedom (We want to work from home or on my travels)
-Creative Freedom (Yes!! Let’s just all make the art that moves us, and not care about anything else)

It’s a very specific kind of business model. It means you can’t cheat! Sometimes when a business isn’t working, the owner will pick up the slack with extra hours – grinding away for 80 hours a week. If you’re a creative, this doesn’t work. Who can find the emotional energy to create when you’re exhausted from the business-side?

To do this right, you need a smart business plan, a healthy pricing model, an organically growing audience and automation that works.

In this two day workshop we’re going to cover all of that:

A Six-Figure Business Model That Works – create products, repurpose everything at least twice, and use launches and funnels to drive sales.

Audience Growth (Organic) – use social media platforms, re-formatted content and a natural reader flow to gently guide passive users into life-long readers.

Money Mindset – Blocks about money, worthiness and permission can interfere with your ability to make a living, instead putting you into a scarcity mindset and poverty mentality. Sometimes it really is as simple as “Want to make more? Double your prices!” – learn how to price according to the value given.

Automation – Setting up simple funnels to capture your most common new readers and gradually pull them into your readership is a way to keep your business growing and thriving even when you’re not online.

In this two day workshop, we’re going to focus on these four areas while building our own practical, custom business plans and strategies for the coming year. You’ll walk out of this weekend refreshed, energized and motivated. You’ll have a plan. Clarity. Next steps.

I’m so excited to work with you, these workshops always leave me buzzing with excitement and I feel full of ideas and potential. Do you want that? Come join us.

 Creative people who want to get focused and create an organized, smart plan for growth, or those who want to create content at a higher quality level. We take new bloggers, but we suggest that you have your blog live and setup before you come.

Two days of instruction, planning and in-group brainstorming on how to best integrate the monetization strategies into your blog.

At the end of the weekend, you'll have a fully formed plan for your blog with actionable steps.


There arefive major components to these workshops:

-A Six-Figure Business Model That Works

-Audience Growth (Organic)

-Money Mindset


​​​​​​​- Specific steps for you and your blog to reach your goals in the next year.

Location and Time

October 21 & 22nd, 2017

9 AM - 5 PM 

Sydney, Australia

(Registration is required and will likely sell out before the date. No walk-ins please.)