This is what We Create members are working on in 2016. We took all your aspirations and projects and ideas and turned them into a word cloud.

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We have many exciting new classes coming up. Check out what we have to offer.

January Classes

shutterstock_332229839Facebook Ads for Bloggers

Starts January 24th-26th | $30 | 3 Days
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In this three-part course we show you how to make sure that every penny you spend on Facebook can be tied to an outcome and how to maximize your results.

February Classes

shutterstock_246160459Beyond Auto: Photography for Beginners

Starts February 7th | $120 | 4 weeks
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Did you just buy a digital SLR or mirrorless camera and wonder how to use it? Or have you been playing around with the settings for a while, but always use auto? We can help! This course teaches the underlying photography concepts in a way that makes total sense.

Storytelling for Bloggers

Starts February 14th | $180 | 6 weeks
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In this six week course, you’ll learn how to craft stories to drive your blog’s traffic, how to “wow” your readers, how to use storytelling to sell products, how to edit to strengthen the impact, and storytelling over the life of your blog.

shutterstock_318481553Selling Art with Print On Demand

Starts February 21st | $180 | 6 weeks
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If you can make a JPG, you can sell your art and designs online. This course will help navigate all the different requirements, pricing strategies and product types, and save you weeks of research time by laying out a complete guide to all the largest sites.

shutterstock_193506134The Brand Clinic

Starts February 28th | $120 | 4 weeks
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In this four week course, we’ll cover how to create your brand’s story, ways to subtly integrate this into everything you do, visual and design cues you might be missing, plus a full group critique of your current brand plus tools and tips for putting together your final brand toolkit.

March Classes

shutterstock_280676378Building a Thriving Blog

Starts March 6th | $360 | 12 weeks
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This 12 week course is a condensed version of our year long program known as Blog Brilliantly, designed to help you stand out, engage readers and take you from one of the millions of bloggers who toil in obscurity to being well-read and loved.

Writing Non-Fiction Book Proposals

Starts March 13th | $180 | 6 weeks
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This course walks you through the entire process: taking your book idea and turning it into a book proposal, identifying agents, writing query letters and what happens next.

shutterstock_195992297Learn to Draw & Keep a Sketchbook

Starts March 20th | $120 | 4 weeks
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Learning to draw is a skill – you can learn it. In this 4-week course we’re going to teach you how to see the world and draw it. This course is aimed at people who’d like to keep a sketch book or just improve their drawings.

shutterstock_257725891Creating Ebooks

Starts March 27th | $120 | 4 weeks
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An ebook is one of the best and easiest ways to create a product for your blog, do a giveaway or self-publish. This 4 week course covers it all, from creating a beautiful design, to the different formats and platforms where you can publish, to setting it up on your own site in a shop or as a giveaway on a mailing list.

April Classes

shutterstock_277352162Starting Your Book

Starts April 3rd | $120 | 4 weeks
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This course helps writers transition from, “I’d really love to write a book,” to actually writing a book – and we spend the entire month doing something extremely useful: writing an outline.

shutterstock_146871629Simplicity for Bloggers

Starts April 10th | $30 | 5 days
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Join us for this 5-day course to walk through some of the best blogger-tested strategies to automate your tasks, simplify your workflow and better plan your content – efficiently and calmly. Find your zen of blogging.

It’s a fantastic time to be a creative!

Come explore and learn with us.