If you’re like most bloggers, you probably have a core problem that will prevent you from reaching your financial goals – you think your blog is scalable.

It is not.

What a lot of people do when they start blogging is they think, “If I make a few hundred dollars a month, that’s good, so let’s start with that.”

The idea is, “Hey, if I get $250 a month, fantastic, and I can always scale up from there. But first let’s see if this works. Let’s test it. Let’s get a proof of life on this concept before we go too deep.”

This right here, this mistake, is the most common reason blogs fail to make an income. It’s not the writing, it’s not the topic, it’s not the methods, it’s the step-by-step mentality that really should work but simply doesn’t.

It’s an engineering problem. You can’t turn a go-cart into a rocket. You can’t change a lemonade stand into a tech start-up. You know? It’s not a linear line to the top where you just grow your blog, in any fashion whatsoever and somehow you land at a million dollar paycheck if you get big enough. It doesn’t work like that. If you want a rocket, you have to build a rocket. Even if you’re not really ready to fly it. Even if it’s your first time. Even if you’re not sure you want to do it. Because the only way to get there is to start. Full stop.

Here’s the thing, when you build a blog with the aim of making a few hundred dollars per month, you might meet that goal or you might not, but you will never make it beyond that. If you want to making $50,000 a year, start there. If you want to be making six figures, or even seven figures, you have to start with that. It changes everything.

Think about it. If you’re trying to build a six-figure blog, what kinds of projects do you get involved in? How do you set up your mailing list? Will you have contributors to your blog? Do you start that early? Do you need to write more resource content for SEO? Do you invest in video more heavily?

All of your micro-decisions will shape how you design and run your blog.

Finally, here’s the biggest misconception: If I just work harder, I will make more money. No, not really. If you push a go-cart really fast and for a really long time, it will do GREAT for a go-cart. But it won’t ever come close to a rocket. Your lemonade stand can’t compete with a tech start-up. If you’re feeling like you’re on the blog treadmill when it comes to income, stop. Address your true income goals, and re-evaluate everything.

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