The world of blogging is always changing, but in this webinar we show you how blogging can accelerate your creative career in 2017. Whether you want to be a freelancer, create art, write books, or simply build a creative living, the starting point is always finding a way to reach your audience.

Not all blogs are the same. The blog of a freelancer or writer or social media influencer is going to be all vastly different. It all comes down to three things:

1. UNDERSTANDING your audience's frame of mind
2. writing content that understands that perspective and delivers the UNSPOKEN NEEDS
3. calling on your readers to deepen their engagement with SPECIFIC ACTIONS


Date: Monday, November 28th
Time: 1 PM EST
Location: Online
Price: free, but must register below

Join Christine Gilbert, author of Mother Tongue and the creator of Almost Fearless. Christine has been blogging for the last 8 years and in her previous career was a project manager for a Fortune 500 company, bringing organized creativity to all of her work.

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