Hello! Welcome to 2017. This year we’re going to get organized, and prioritize our goals. I’ve tried to make this planning guide work for anyone – if you’re just starting out or a decade into blogging, you should be able to use these tools. Feel free to poke around and start the planning guide or watch some of the materials I’ve included. If you’re not sure WHERE to start, I’ve included a quick quiz below that will assess your starting point and give you some direction.

Do you have a topic for your blog?
Are you struggling with what to write in 2017?
Is your blog up and running?
Do you have wordpress installed?
Do you need a new logo or theme?
Is one of your goals to monetize your blog in 2017?
Is your goal to become a leader in your niche?
Which is more important to you for this year: traffic or money?
Which would you prefer, to be well respected for your writing or photography or to create a business?
Do you feel like you're at the cusp of something big? Like you have the blog, the monetization, the niche, the vision all figured out, but you want to take it to the next level?