I remember when I first hit 1,000 subscribers. I pushed towards that number goal because a post that went viral in the year I started blogging: 1,000 True Fans which suggested that all you needed as a creator was enough super fans to support your work. It went viral because everyone loved the idea that you didn’t need a million page views or 100,000 visitors. None of that mattered. You just needed to find the 1,000 people out there that would form your tribe. That’s it.

In 2008, I reached 1,000 subscribers in about 4 months. What didn’t happen was this mythological creation of “super fans” – I don’t think I have many people who have been with me every year and “buy anything I produce”. There are a few, but that level of fandom never came my way. Still, that 1,000 subscriber base was large enough to blog full-time. They might not have blindly purchased anything I put out, but they did share me with their friends. They read much of what I wrote. They helped amplify my voice.

They helped me build momentum. In fact, they were critical to my success.

It was right at about 1,000 subscribers that I felt the shift. I wasn’t hustling to get every post out there and constantly scrambling. People were commenting on their own! Posts were getting shared! There was a lively community on my blog! I could spend more time writing! Then as I shifted to writing more and away from struggling to just get noticed, my writing got better. So, I got shared more… on and on and on…

1,000 subscribers is the starting point to really feel safe and comfortable with your blog. It’s when you breathe a sigh of relief. You don’t have to ramp up anymore – or ever again. You’re out of the wilderness.

This winter, I sat down and wrote a course around this topic called, 1,000 Subscribers in 100 Days. It’s step-by-step instructions on how to really focus and push through that challenging early stage when you’re not sure if anyone is reading your stuff. 100 days. That’s it.


Wouldn’t it be easier to do it in a year? Well, no. I limited it to 100 days because the idea is to do a concentrated push – not a smattering of effort here and there. Consistent effort in a big burst is going to get you up and over that first mountain.

I’ve seen this first hand – bloggers who work “pretty hard” for two years, three years and don’t get there. I’m suggesting if you give me 100 dedicated days, I can get anyone there.

How would it feel to finally find your audience?

The course starts March 1st, and it’s $249.

However, if you’re reading this between Feb 20 – 22, 2017, it’s included in the Bootstrap Bundle for those 72 hours for $72 (for the whole bundle).