What happens next?

It depends. Are you writing fiction or non-fiction? For fiction, you write your book. I highly recommend writing it in Scrivener and by now you’ve either decided you agree or you simply can’t stand it. In either case, the very best thing you can do for yourself is to set a daily writing goal, in the form of words written. If you have a 75,000 word book planned, then here’s the breakdown

250 words a day = 300 days to finish
500 words a day = 150 days to finish
750 words a day = 100 days to finish
1,000 words a day = 75 days to finish

For non-fiction: DO NOT WRITE THIS BOOK YET!

Are you definitely going to self-publish? Not sure? Thinking about getting an agent or a book deal? Well all non-fiction books are started with a book proposal. While you can write your book in advance that’s usually not how it’s done. I got my book deal without writing more than a single sample chapter of my memoir. Luckily, we have a course for that: Queries, Agents + Book Proposals.

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Thank you so much! Take a deep breathe, relax and pat yourself on the back because this was a tough month!