Welcome to Starting Your Book. This is a 30-day course with a new lesson each day. You won’t be able to access future lessons until you reach that day in the course, but you can always go backwards. We recommend setting aside 1-2 hours a day to work on your book.

I’m Christine Gilbert, author of the forthcoming book Mother Tongue plus four self-published ebooks. I’ll be working along side you, preparing the outline for my sixth book! It’s non-fiction and I have very little time to work on it unless I make the time. So I’m committing to spending 30 minutes a day. That won’t be enough time, but I just want to point out that any amount of time will move your forward. We win the writing war by attrition! There is no glorious battle, but merely a series of  tiny choices to work just a little more on our idea. This course is about doing something, anything –every, single day. It works.

Your assignment today is get everything prepared for beginning this course in earnest. The first task is to find (and clear) a space for you to write. It might be your regular work desk or a cozy corner in your home, but take some time to declutter it and make it comfortable. This is part of committing to this process and making it a priority.

When will you write every day? Just like joining a gym, it’s not the intention, it’s the habits that make it stick. We don’t find time to write, we make time. It’s non-negotiable time. It’s fixed. It’s ours. Starting today, I want you to carve that space out for yourself.

Today is about getting ready.

Say hello over in the Facebook group and introduce yourself (only other members in this course can see what you write).
-Download and install Scrivener (free 30 day trial)
-Sign up for Trello (free)
-Sign up and get the app for Evernote (free with optional Premium level)

Tomorrow we’ll start writing. Every day: writing, writing, writing. Then at the end of this month you’ll have an outline. Excited? I am! Let’s get started.

A few notes about the website and course:

We’ve just moved to a new platform and we’re ironing out some kinks. If you see anything amiss, email us at [email protected] and we’ll be so thankful because we really are trying to make it perfect.

If you have questions, please post them in the Facebook group. We’re all on different timezones in this group so be patient on responses, it could take up to 24 hours (although we aim for much less than that).

The course material will be available to you in this format until 30 days after the course. Then we reboot and start a new group on this journey. However the Facebook group is available forever.

There will be an outline review offered during this course. Sticking to the schedule means you’ll be able to take advantage of that bonus! You must submit your outline no later than the last day of class. If you miss the date you forfeit your outline review (sorry, we just know writers sometimes need a little deadline).




1Join the Facebook Group
2Find and clear a space to write
3Download and install Scrivener
4Sign up for Trello
5Set up Evernote
6Make a mental note that to get your free outline review you must submit it by the last day of class.