Before we begin, practice healthy creative habits: Clear your space of clutter, set aside some time to focus and spend 2-3 minutes doing your Daily Free Writing before you begin. See Lesson 2 for more about DFW.

The next two days are writing days. If you’ve been skipping the daily free writing, I highly recommend starting. For today we’re going to focus on the END.

What’s the job of the end?

I would use the lightest touch on your ending chapters. When you start writing full chapters (after this month is over), your book is going to morph and change. The main things to consider:

1. What is the climax? You have a chance for ONE, LAST, BIG TWIST. The pacing of your book is important here, if you spend all of your story telling juice in the middle, then the ending can feel like a whimper. If you give away all your best tips and simply repeat yourself (if it’s a how-to book) at the end, it’s going to feel like you should have ended the book much sooner. The ending needs to have reason for existing but you have a little room here to explore during the actual writing process.

2. You’re going to tie together all of your themes, character arcs, story points and events. We will talk more about this in the second half of the course, so it’s okay if you use some placeholders for now.

3. If in doubt, put in a placeholder to represent the problem you still need to resolve.

Today’s assignment: get it done! Get something in there. Don’t worry about unsolved problems just yet, just do the best you can.

If you’re stuck, talk to me here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/969380026489153/

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22 hours writing to flesh out your ending...