This course is intended for authors who are just starting (or want to re-start) their book. We focus on the book outline and thinking through different aspects of our book – instead of diving into writing chapters. We’ve found that this approach actually helps people write faster and more effectively, because it cuts down on rewriting. You sketch out your narrative flow before committing words to paper, so when make changes you’re not having to dump 20,000 words (which is heartbreaking to boot!). It helps you be brutal with your work because you don’t have a chapter or scene you’re so in love with that you end up writing your book around saving that piece of writing’s life.

A word of caution: the two biggest things that prevent people from writing their book is perfectionism and inconsistency. You don’t have to be a good writer to get published, you just have to not quit the book because it’s not going perfectly and you have to keep working on it every day. Any schlub can write a pretty good book. Brilliant people often fail because they are used to figuring things out quickly or having their work come easily. Writing a book is confronting the areas in which you’re weak over and over again – whether that’s story or pacing or consistency – whatever is hardest for you, is what you wrangle with the most. A finish book is a demon conquered. You overcame not just the challenge of writing a book, but your most vulnerable weaknesses. The amazing thing is that you can do this. No problem is insurmountable against a daily writing habit. You ready? Let’s do this!

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