Using ThePrintful and Shopify to get your store on your Facebook page

We are breaking this lesson into two parts because it’s big, and deals with things we have not talked about before. Think of this as Advanced Placement Print On Demand, higher level stuff.

First we will go over, a drop shipping service with no social component and no store, but which allows you to put your own branding on the shipping labels, meaning your customers receive your product as if it came directly from a warehouse that you control.

That is so stinking cool.

Download the slides here.

Next we will go over connecting your ThePrintful account to a Shopify store, then connecting that Shopify store to your Facebook page, allowing you to sell your products directly to your Facebook readers.

Download the slides here.

No assignments here, because the Shopify storeĀ takes a commitment of money, but I would highly recommend signing up for ThePrintful and playing around with making products just to see what you can come up with. If you have any questions, and I expect you will, please hit us up at the Facebook group.