Draw What Is In Front Of You

Yesterday was a light day where I asked you to play around with color in some fashion. Today I want you to find a spot to sit down and simply draw what is immediately in front of you. I went out into the area behind my house and sat down and this is what was in front of me.


I started the same way I want you to start – pick something in the scene as your anchor. If you don’t end up getting as much of the scene on your paper as you expected, that is okay. Just pick one item that you can draw the positive space around and do your best to get the proportions set well.


sketchwhatsinfrontofyou_01 sketchwhatsinfrontofyou_02

I picked the grill, which I shaped loosely with a 1H pencil. Once the shape was in, I continued to lightly sketch in the shapes of items and rocks around it. When it came to the area immediately around the grill it was going very well, you can look at where rock edges connect with the grill along the side, or along each other. That plant you can see on the top right side behind the grill, at first I wanted to draw that far larger, then realized the bottom of the container ran very close to the lower edge of the grill, so even though it felt weird to draw it small. I kept it proportionally correct. The only place that had very little to anchor to was the tree as it shot up. I eyeballed it and hoped for the best.

So even though it may look plain, stick to shapes.


Once the shapes are defined, you can embellish in whatever way you prefer. I like ink so I inked it. I stopped earlier than I would have normally, but I wanted to show what I was able to do in 30-40 minutes of drawing time. I will definitely go in and embellish this more. If you have time and want to add color in your own drawing, that would be awesome, but if you like your own embellished drawing, just leave it. It can be discouraging to introduce color into a drawing that you like and have it not go as well as you want, and diminishing your view of it.



If it doesn’t go as well as you hope, don’t be discouraged. This is the hardest thing I have asked you to do since Day 1. My goal is to see if you can break the drawing into spaces and shapes to keep them proportional, to see if the positive space exercise has made any impression on you yet.



Go pick a spot you find visually interesting, it can be in your house, out in the world, anywhere you can sit reasonably comfortably for 30-45 minutes to draw. Post if over on the Facebook group and we will talk about how it went!