Contour lines where you are

Today we are going to play with combining “Draw what is in front of you” with the contour line drawings of your hands that you have been doing.

One big difference is that this time you get to look at the page.

This is what I had in front of me this morning:


Using a contour line, draw a subject of your choice. I want your eyes to guide your hand over the paper, as your eyes move over the subject your line should go where your eyes go. You can look at the paper to help make sure you are proportionally going in the right direction. It’s okay to have a searching, imperfect line, just do your best not to lift it off the page. A few times is okay, but the results of keeping that line on the page are almost always exciting and fun.


And that is it for today, consider it a play day.


  • Contour line drawing of something you see.
  • Post it to the Facebook group



1Contour line drawing of what you see
2Paste it to Facebook