Drawing a place

This will be a two part lesson, purely because I want you to spend more time on this final location drawing of the course to sweeten it up as much as possible and give you a chance at a finished product you will be pleased with. Think of this as the opposite of our values painting followed by inking. This time you will do the drawing proper then embellish in whatever way you feel comfortable with.

This can be a place where you are, or if you are not somewhere that gets you excited, you have my permission to use a photograph. I want you to be happy and excited to draw this place. If you signed up with the idea of keeping a travel journal, find a location you imagine being able to travel to and draw.

This is Turkey. I am playing to my strengths here as I like drawing details of locations and need a lot of time to do so.


I will be honest, I often skip straight to the scary inking part, but I am adhering to what I would like you to do, which is sketch out your scene. Now would be a great time to break out your grid if you found that helpful in our earlier lessons. I did this fairly impatiently but would urge you to take your full time to sketch this out in a way that will help you embellish it later.


Pay attention and make an effort to adhere  to the rule of thirds when composing your scene. My Turkey image follows it, technically, though having a large building blocking out the right half of the drawing is a sort of wonky use of the composition.


That is part one of two parts, your first assignment is to get the sketch as correct as possible, drawing what you see. In part 2 you can embellish, but let’s nail down the under drawing first.


1Spend time sketching a place.
2Show us the sketch in the Facebook Group