Mouths are as varied as the eye (moreso, possibly, because their shape can be fundamentally different from one another in a way that the eye can’t). If you spend some time working on drawing a mouth, it can be fun to draw, and start to freak you out in the way that saying certain words enough times in a row completely loses the meaning of the word for you. What is this slit on the face where words and breathing are done?

On men there will be facial hair almost always around the mouth, so it is worth including.


Having teeth or not changes the shape of most mouths. Older mouths will be full of lines, and while not technically on the mouth, exploring the lines of the face around the mouth is worth doing.


Like before, a baby’s mouth will have less definition than an older mouth, though it’s lips may be more wrinkled than someone entering adulthood.


Lips can be thin or thick, the possibilities are almost limitless.



So this week I want you to draw your mouth, or the mouth of someone you can get a close look at who doesn’t mind you staring at their mouths for half an hour or so.



1Draw your mouth or someone else's
2Share your progress in the Facebook group