Going Monochrome – Part 2

Yesterday you did your monochrome painting, and may have ended up with something not as thrilling as you may have hoped. That’s okay, this is a drawing class. In the same way that color can enhance a drawing, drawing can also add life to color when you need it to. Break out the ink or pencils, we are going to flesh out the lesson from yesterday.


It’s obviously ideal if you can continue to look at your subject as you do this. I was surprised at how many things I missed when I was in the painting stage that I either had to ignore or try to flesh out with the pen. But your painting is a fun guide, it is like reverse-coloring. The framework is already build in for you, so instead of going for complete accuracy, you can try to be stylistic and fun with it.



1Flesh out yesterday's painting
2Show it off in the Facebook group