Drawing with your non-dominant hand

(AKA horrible burning torture)

So today is technically, a “play” day. It won’t feel like it, but I hope it will help you to break away from the way you approach a new drawing, or at least let you know that there are other methods of how to plot out your drawing.

You are going to draw some object nearby with your opposite hand. Grab whatever drawing tool you are the most comfortable with and stage something that you can draw that is at least a little interesting (don’t go too crazy complicated or too simple, make it a challenge). In my house, there are Ponies.


Immediately when I started drawing I regretted ever thinking this lesson up and cursed every god I could remember by name. This is going to challenge you. Do your best. My best meant an unbelievably shaky line that made me feel like I was suffering from Parkinson’s disease.


Oh god.

I was pleased that the shapes at least turned out correct, more or less. And it did look interesting, but it quite nearly hurt physically to concentrate so hard. I ended up needing to think back to the chair lesson where we drew negative space to consider the shape under Rarity’s (yes, I know the Pony’s name) body and between her legs.


Okay, so it turned out shaky and somewhat interesting. Not a complete train wreck. Your results will differ, and it may feel discouraging. I would urge you to immediately draw the same subject again with your dominant hand to remind yourself that you know how to hold a pen or pencil. That is what I had to do.


Okay I haven’t lost it.


So there they are together. It’s interesting to note that the figure in the non-dominant hand drawing appears to be leaning forward. You will likely see something similar, where the drawing skews one way or another, but try to avoid it if you can!

If you can draw yours side by side, that is excellent. Just leave space for both on the page.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with! Go show off your work in the Facebook group.



1Draw a still subject with your non dominant hand
2Draw the same subject again with your dominant hand this time
3Show your work in the Facebook Group