Make a physical grid for future reference


Today is not a drawing lesson, but is necessary for some lessons going forward and will take some time. I need you to make a grid that we can use for reference in the real world.

The simplest way to do this is to take a piece of heavy paper – nearly (or actual) cardboard, and cut it into a rectangle (if it isn’t already).

Then measure 2 or 3 inches in and draw a rectangle that you will then cut out.

Once that is done, you can measure three points along the sides equal distance from each other. Right now the most important thing is to make sure the middle points of the sides facing each other are along a straight plane.

Take any piece of string long enough and tape them on the middle marks, making a cross across the middle of each space.

From there you can add more string to create a more complex grid but don’t do that yet. I want this to be simple to begin with.




1Make your grid
2Show it off in the Facebook group