1 point perspective and some more shading

Today you will need a ruler or a book or some other straight thing to guide you through drawing straight lines. Below is a box with an X that I would like you to draw very lightly (much more lightly than you see here).

Where the two lines meet is going to be our “vanishing point”. It is the point in space which all objects are headed. In this case, it will be a little like looking down an elevator shaft, and whatever we draw here will be headed down towards the vanishing point.


From there I want you to make four more lines (again drawn lightly), roughly spaced about the same as I have here, whether that is an inch, two inches is dependent on how large your paper is starting out. After that, I want you to draw four lines, two horizontal, two vertical, starting at the point where your new lines meet the edge of the box.

gridshadingperspective_02  gridshadingperspective_03

Below in red I show you where I want you to place two more criss-crossing lines, measuring a little above and below the horizontal lines you just drew. Then you can trace down


And amazingly all of this was to set up drawing a reasonably loose, low pressure series of boxes using the perspective lines as a guide. Imagine that the light source is generally coming from above your drawing and shade the inside of the boxes in a way that creates depth, by gradually darkening the subject more as it goes down into the space. You will notice I chose a plane on the inside that would be more in shadow than the rest, this also creates depth.

gridshadingperspective_05  gridshadingperspective_06_gridshadingperspective_06

This does not need to be exact, I wanted to introduce the concept of perspective into the mix here, and 1 point perspective is the most simple to start with. Below is an explanation of 1, 2, and 3 point perspective that is the most simple approach that I have seen so far.


  • Get a handle on 1 point perspective by using the directions to draw six boxes pointing towards a vanishing point. Practice shading to give the impression of depth inside the boxes.
  • Tell us about it in the Facebook Group.



1Practice 1 point perspective and shading
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