Thank you so much for joining us!

Pull up a chair and pull out your sketchbook. We are going to play around and learn some things about how to see the world and put it down on paper.

LEARNING TO DRAW AND KEEP A SKETCHBOOK was conceived as a way to get people drawing more and keeping a travel sketchbook. It runs for 30 days, mixing lessons with playful experiments with things that will stretch you past your comfort zone and help you grow faster as an artist. If you are seeing this page, you are in! You can access lessons in the menu on the right.

Each day's content will have tasks that you will need to mark as finished to be able to get to the next day's lesson (don't fret, you can cheat if you need to).

The communities for WeCreate are on Facebook, and I hope to cheerlead you all on the Learn to Draw Facebook Group. Please head over there for moral support, and lifetime access to that community, where I will run challenges every couple of months to keep people drawing after the class is over.

My name is Drew. I have been working professionally as an animator, illustrator and filmmaker for almost 19 years. I'm not naturally gifted, I was just lucky enough to not be discouraged from drawing at any point growing up, so I put my time in, went to school for art, and just never stopped. I think with the right instruction and encouragement, anyone can learn to draw what they see in front of them.



Oh, and I am left handed. Don't worry, it looks weird to me when I see pictures of myself drawing too.

You are part of the first group for this particular class, and we just migrated to a new class system, so if you run into any problems, please shoot me over an email at [email protected] and let us know what the issue is. It helps us make the experience better for you and everyone else who walks through the doors. Thanks!