This video from Conde Nast has over 300,000 views

... and when we put this page together 10 days ago, it was 150,000 views.

If massive brands can create videos like these and reach hundreds of thousands of views, there is nothing at all stopping you from doing the same thing for your social media feed.

Begins March 31st:
Online, 6 lessons
The course is delivered in six weekly installments and you have as long as you need to complete.

You see videos being spread around social media. They are everywhere, and they are viewed WAY more than normal social media posts - it might feel like something you can't do yourself, but it's not as hard as you think.

In these six lessons I will teach you how to pull together video, photos, music and do simple graphics that will allow you to create videos that are on par with massive social media brands. All with free editing software available for both PC and Mac computers.

Lesson 1: An introduction to Lightworks, making your first project anduploading to Youtube. BONUS: Where to find free music for your video.
Lesson 2: Simple editing basics. How to get the most out of a single video.
Lesson 3: How to make titles, move text, and place your logo and branding, and how to add a little extra to your video without overdoing it.
Lesson 4: Higher level editing - how to create video in square format.
Lesson 6: Quick and dirty set up ideas for shooting your own footage on a shoestring.
BONUS: How to pull footage from other sources - Tips for knowing what subjects could go viral.
BONUS: How to do a live webinar on Facebook using free software.