Hi, I'm Christine
I'm a writer, blogger, photographer and filmmaker, mother to three amazing children, and wife. I've made a creative career for myself over the last nine years because of a $10 domain name purchase I made in 2008 turned into a very popular blog. 
Since 2011, I have been teaching other creatives how to leverage their blogs into the type of creative careers they want to have. I do this because as a former project manager for GE Healthcare, I can teach others how to strike a balance between creative energy and creating an organized plan to make people take notice.

My husband and I created the documentary, The Wireless Generation. In 2014, we were named one of National Geographic Traveler's of the year. In 2016, my memoir, Mother Tongue was published by Penguin/Random House in 2016. My writing and photography have been featured in Elle, Esquire and many other places. All of this was possible as a result of growing a large audience with my blog as the platform to launch my creative projects.

Occasionally I take on VIP members as part of a year-long group of serious creatives who really want to have a great year and need help moving their projects forward.

Think of it as a year-long mentorship, and right now I am opening up five slots to the public.
What to expect as a VIP?
The most important thing you get as a Mastermind is contact. Your year of mentoring includes four one-hour video Skype calls to go over your goals and set up a plan for the following months. This in addition to regular email communication and access to all of the WeCreate private Facebook groups where you can talk with other like minded creatives to get further feedback 
Also, access to ALL WeCreate courses
We currently have seven courses that are running at different times throughout the year (valued at close to $1200 normally), but we also plan on more than doubling those throughout the remainder of 2016, (potentially photography, crowdfunding, branding, etc) which means you will have more instruction than most could take on available to you as it comes out.

Take a look at the current course load below:
Building A Thriving Blog
Your blog is the best launching pad for any creative who wants to build a lasting career. It doesn't matter if you are a writer, photographer, artist or filmmaker. Telling your story and making a human connection to your readers is your best path to success.
Starting Your Book
For writers with a great idea but who don't know the best way to start. We will spend 30 days creating a kickass outline that will give you the roadmap to do the fun part - writing.
Creating A Killer List Builder
In 2017 your best chance to monetize your blog is by growing your email subscriber list. This course will teach you how to find the problem only you can answer for your readers, and how to make a giveaway that will help them out and keep them coming back to learn more from you.
Learn To Draw And Keep A Sketchbook
Drawing is a skill that anyone can learn, like riding a bike. We will teach you how to see the world around you and draw what you see in front of you, one of the most fun ways to document your life and experiences.
Selling Art With Print On Demand
Print-On-Demand sites are reaching the point where their products and quality are outstanding, giving artists the opportunity to sell their artwork on products to people across the globe. This course gives you an overview of the space, how to create print-on-demand products, and strategies for how to reach as many people as possible.
500 Lightoom Presets
If you want your photos to look professional, the best way to get there is by using Lightroom, which also has preset functions that allow you to get awesome stylized results with a single click. Over the years we have made hundreds of these, and offer them for you here.
It makes me incredibly happy to work with those who really want to get serious about turning their projects into real, tangible results, and aside from in-person workshops, I have found that this is the best method out there for keeping people accountable and working towards their goals. If you think you are ready to make the leap, roll up your sleeves and make the coming year really great, I can't wait to work with you. There will be five slots available starting January 15th.
Pricing Options
There are two ways to join as a VIP - choose to pay a little less in one payment or in four monthly installments.
All At Once
4 Payments
$249 /month