Where do you see yourself in the next year? Are you struggling to get there? Does the path from where you are now to where you want to be seem unclear, or hard to peg down?

So many bloggers and creative entrepreneurs tend to reinvent the wheel with every new problem, doing passive research on what the best practices are in social media, getting bland recommendations from people in secret communities within their niche. They toil away, and after awhile the grind of hustling to bring social media numbers up, gain “influence” get traffic, all turns into cynicism. You start to look around and feel like everyone is cutting corners (Most are, but dwelling on that doesn’t help your growth). Hustling for short term gains leads to bitterness and cynicism, and ultimately? Complete burnout without having made something sustainable.

This doesn’t have to be you.

You are here! Here is the breakdown of your next six months:

Phase 1

Business Plans For Bloggers 

Using Pinterest To Drive Traffic, Sales and Content 
Making Money With Affiliate Sales 

Phase 2

Building Information Products
Publishing Your Book On Amazon
Selling With Print-On-Demand
Media Kit 101 – Selling ads privately

Phase 3

How To Succeed As A Coach
How To Launch A Consulting Career
Your Guide to Freelance Writing
Selling Physical Products
A Roadmap To Successful Crowdfunding

Phase 4

How To Land A Book Deal
Field Guide To Sponsorships And Free Travel
Landing Speaking Gigs Like A Boss
Facebook Ads For Bloggers

Phase 5

The Launch Kit (Affiliates, PR, Social Media, Blog Posts, Email)
Convert Kit Automation