Automation with Mailchimp and ConvertKit

For this final day we’re going to talk about how to set up either an automated email with your latest blog posts (aka your RSS feed) or how to do a weekly or monthly newsletter. This is the starting point for most people but if you scroll down to the bottom, I’ll list some ideas for how else you could automate your mailing list. By the way, the Mailchimp and Convert Kit demos are the same, just different platforms, so you only need to watch the one for what you’re creating.

Creating campaigns in Mailchimp:


Automating Convert Kit:

Next Level Automation

Here are some ideas about how you can set up your lists in the future:


You can have a main list builder and newsletter system put into place, but then introduce a #-day challenge (5 day challenge, 21 day, 30 day etc). After the challenge is complete, you can wait a few days and then move that subscriber into your regular newsletter funnel.


This is particularly aimed at Convert Kit users. If you have several products that are different themes, you can track users based on their interests. For example, you can link to articles about photography in your newsletter, then anyone who CLICKS on that article, you can set a tag of “photography” to their account so you know how many of your readers are interested in that subject. Then you can just send THOSE people an email blast about a photography product you sell and keep the rest of your list healthier.


If you have woocommerce or shopify, you should be able to connect your blog’s shop to your mailing list. This will let you store data about what products people buy and to target people based on their previous purchases. So instead of offering a sale to your entire list, you can just reward people who have purchased in the past. This also keeps your list healthier and protects your prices.


ASSIGNMENT: Set up your first newsletter/email campaign, and hit up the Facebook group if you have any questions.

1Set up your first email campaign