Today might be the hardest day in the class. We’re going to design the interior of our giveaway. There are many methods to do this and if you worked with a professional designer then they’d likely design you ebook in Adobe inDesign, which is a fantastic product but way too complicated for our needs. We want you to be able to easily edit your own book so we’re giving you two options. The first is using MS Powerpoint and modifying one of the free templates we include in this course. The second is using MS Word and a combination of images from Canva. Because MS Word has such limitations and a certain look, we recommend just placing the covering image, using basic formating for most of the ebook and then insert items you design in Canva to spice up between sections. We recommend not using any Word templates you can find on the web because they all have a decidedly 1994 Newsletter look about this and we definitely want to avoid that.




Template 1 (the one you see in the demo)

Required font (install before trying to use the template):

Template 2




ASSIGNMENT: Design the interior of your List Builder

1Design the interior of your List Builder
2Get feedback in the Facebook group