By now, you should have your wheels turning on what you’ll create and an idea of what it’ll look like. Next we’re going to add in what I’m calling, “the offer”. It’s a way of baking in some of your marketing into the design.

You will want to have an offer built into your product, especially when you’re just starting out because it helps you build your marketing messaging. What are some examples?

1. The bonus product




How it works: There’s some kind of bonus product included when you register. That could be a short video, a mini-guide, a coaching call, a webinar, and so on. Sometimes it’s case studies or interviews with others. Sometimes it’s additional tools. In the example above, she’s created 2 Word templates related to her course and got a $10 coupon for an image service. (Tip: getting other people to donate free things is not as hard as it sounds, especially if you are sending them new potential customers…)

2. The freebie and upsell



How it works: She’s offering a free course but also has an larger, fully paid version of the course that she charges for. This helps people who are not sure get in the door, shows them the quality and value of her content and then potentially upsells them down the road. Typically free products are scaled down versions of the main product. You want to do this way to make sure you’re only giving things away to an audience of people who are actually interested in the topic of your product. Keeping the freebie closely aligned with your paid offering will help pre-qualify everyone so that your efforts will be more effective.

3. The cross-format product



How it works: Sometimes it makes sense to create a community or additional products to bundle together with your product. That might be a private FB group, a forum, a portion of your content broken out into videos (which is similar to the bonus but instead of being extra, it’s built into the course structure), printable items like worksheets, and so on. In the example above, he has a large community aspect to his course that over time has become one of the larger selling points and sets him apart from other similar courses.

4. The tiered product



How it works: This is more of a pricing scheme but it can tie back to your content as well. You might offer a basic, professional and expert level access to your course and use additional content and features as a way to pull people into the higher price brackets. About 70% of your orders will go for whatever you put as the “middle” price, but the tiers can help drive up sales as it gives those unsure people a cheaper starter option and it also gives die-hard fans a way to engage with you even more deeply at the higher priced tiers. In the example above, she’s using weekly calls and one-on-one coaching sessions to add additional value to the higher priced tiers.

Build your marketing into your product

Why are we focusing on marketing now, before we’ve even created the product? It allows you to carve out some breathing room for yourself from the beginning. You don’t want to pour all your best content into one format, THEN go to marketing, start building those sales pages and think, “oh crap, wouldn’t it be great if I had a 30 minute video bonus or something I could give away?”

No matter what your final product will be, you can set aside 10 or 20% of that content and package that as a bonus or a freebie or put it into a different format. The user still gets all the same content but these packaging differences makes your job of selling much easier down the road. You will have inserted the sales pitch into the product design. It sells itself.

Today’s exercise:

Write a brief outline of your product – about one page – and look for ways you could carve out as additional offerings. Specifically look for ways to:

1. Create bonus products
2. Create tools – templates – spreadsheets etc
3. Create printables – worksheets for example(delivered as pdfs)
4. Create a community (FB group, forum etc)
5. Build-in weekly or monthly calls, webinars, coaching etc
6. Separate out some of your content into other formats: video, audio, etc.
7. Design freebies or tiers for your product sales funnel

Get creative! I’d love to see what you come up with in the FB group and I’m happy to help brainstorm ways to expand your offering if you get stuck!