I’ve taught a lot of creatives and I feel like I have a good working theory about what makes the difference. It’s not talent. It’s not ideas. It’s not work ethic. Okay it’s all of those things to an extent but only within the correct context.

So what makes some bloggers successful?

1. It’s picking an idea that is a good fit for your personality. It’s trying to clone the success of an über Type A when you’re a wallflower Type B. But guess what, there’s room for everyone. The key is work WITH your strengths.

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2. It’s understanding your competition and your audience. So many people pick an idea that is doomed to fail because you haven’t researched your niche enough or you go too specific and narrow and there’s not a big enough audience to support your ambitions.

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3. It’s knowing your heart and earnestly going after what you desire. There’s always a certain amount of “wait and see” but successful people know what they want. They are a little shameless. The just go for it and make it happen. It takes a lot of focused work to make a creative career come together from nothing, so if you’re unfocused, you’re treading water.

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4. It’s having a cohesive plan. This is how you should feel at the end of this: you are THE PERFECT PERSON – wait no, you are the ONLY person who could do this concept in this way, in this format, on this time table and love every step of it. Your competitive advantage is always YOU.

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