There are two main ways to get a subscribe bar set up on your site. The first is the easiest and best for just starting out, and uses Jetpack, which you should already have installed.



In the widgets section you will find BLOG SUBSCRIPTIONS (JETPACK). You can just drag that into your sidebar area and fill out the information as you see fit.



This is what the Jetpack subscribe widget looks like on my mockup site.


Jetpack subscribers are limited to only getting new posts from you. Thankfully you can export that email list when you have outgrown this service and are ready for something with more options.



The second one is for when you have reached the point in your growth that you want to reach out to your lists and send them messages about offers that are not necessarily things you post on the blog. Mailchimp is a paid service. Once you have an account you can create new lists, theoretically your first list would be for your blog posts.



It will ask you to fill out your list’s information.


You will start with no subscribers, of course. Head back to WordPress.


Head to Plugins to install a new plugin. Look for Mailchimp and install the Mailchimp List Subscribe Form


Head to SETTINGS – Mailchimp Setup


Choose the list you wish to have your subscribers added to. We have many lists on WeCreate but yours will likely just have the one you created earlier.


Once that information is filled out, you can head to Widgets and add the MAILCHIMP WIDGET to your sidebar.


And this is what this widget looks like in my theme. You can chance this form in various ways in the settings for the Mailchimp plugin.


And that’s all! Head over to your site and get it set up, then move on to the next lesson.