One of the best things about the community we have in WeCreate is the ability to get real, constructive feedback from the group. Blogging can be a very solitary effort, and we aren’t always the best judge of our own work. Show your site off in the Facebook Group and take a little time to look at the sites of others in the group who are looking for some feedback.

When giving others feedback:

…try to be constructive, adding the things you like as well as the things that didn’t work for you. It’s okay not to say anything if you don’t feel particularly strongly about anything. You don’t have to feel the pressure to be critical if it isn’t helpful, but do pipe in if you see a problem you might be able to suggest a solution to.

When receiving feedback:

Take it with grace, even if it doesn’t feel good. Some people are too blunt, some people give feedback that seems like nitpicking. They are trying to be helpful and may not be great at it. Don’t be defensive, just do your best to listen for the things that stand out as truly constructive, actionable items, and thank everyone who takes time to look over your site and tell you what they thought.