This is the site we buy the most themes from. There are a ton to choose from and it’s easy to distinguish the high quality and support offered for each theme.

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Creative Market

Creative Market is a general design resource marketplace (much like Envato who own Themeforest), and they also have very pretty wordpress themes offered as well.

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Elegant Themes

We used to get most of our themes from Elegant Themes but lately they haven’t aged as well as some other theme resources out there. Still solid work but not our favorite at the moment.

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Almost anything goes… but one word of advice, try to avoid “multi-functional” or “multi-purpose” themes… the ones that promise “100+ different layouts” – if this is your first time. It’s often too challenging to implement for first-timers.

Here is an example of a complicated theme (for testing only): Avada themeDOWNLOAD 48 MB

Here is an example of a simple theme (for testing only): Shiroi Hana themeDOWNLOAD 3.4 MB


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