This is a blogging course – for bloggers – which means many of you are currently blogging. Should you stop? NO! Keep blogging as best you can.

The intention is that you’ll complete this course on the side and implement things as you go. There are two tools that I highly recommend using to keep you organized, happy and productive.

1. Evernote (and the Evernote clipper for your browser): I will be including all handouts as an Evernote document, which means you can add it to your personal notebook with just a click (I will also included PDFs for those who don’t want to use Evernote).

Why I think it’s important: there will be things you don’t have to do. There will be cool ideas you want to implement. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed, and pulled in multiple directions – so I use this strategy myself. If I find something interesting, I tag it and save it to Evernote. Then when I have a spare Sunday, I can go look at some of the ideas I clipped and choose something to implement. It let’s me relax and not try to prioritize everything at once, and I don’t lose valuable leads.

As you go through the course there will be times when you’ll be researching other blogs, books, brands etc. It’s a great idea to book mark these things for later in Evernote.

2. Trello: I use this for very simple project management. It’s also great for keeping lists of ideas. As you’re going through lessons and modules, you can quickly make to-do lists for later, so you don’t have to dig through course materials to remember what you planned to implement.

Why I think this is important: You don’t want to get stuck on a single module just because you haven’t implemented everything. It is okay to continue through the materials and keep a list of things you need to complete. You may never get that redesign completely done, but that doesn’t mean you should continue blogging, or set up your mailing list, or start using social media. Progress not perfection.