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A blog is a platform that lets you grow an audience and create whatever type of creative career you want.

The only caveat: you have to blog smarter.

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Being a Creative is Different Now
There was a time... when you could just "be a photographer" or "be a writer"... but the reality of the digital economy today is two-fold – there are no gatekeepers (yay!) – and the way we make money is changing – it's all about MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME. And it all starts with the BLOG.
Where you belong
Positioning yourself is just another way of saying: WHY, WHO and HOW. The answers to these questions will bring clarity to all of your creative endeavors.
Make actual money
Are we still thinking being paid for our art is a bad thing? Paid creatives are happy creatives but if you don't structure in a revenue source from the very beginning it can be hard to add it later.

Have a career where you make stuff you love
That's it. The golden ticket... a career doing things you'd do ANYWAY. But instead you get paid for it. It's not a pipe dream it's the whole point.
Grow, Learn, Thrive
Practical advice from a creative who has been there

The course is spaced out into 12 weeks to give you time to implement as you go, but with forever access, you can take as long as you need. There is a ton of content, multiple modules in each week:

1. Navigating Your Creative Career (with the blog as the hub)
2. Strategy & Positioning
3. Blog Tech & Design
4. The Anatomy of a Good Blog Post
5. Social Media Hacking
6. How to Launch Anything and Be Successful
7. Creating Info Products (ebooks, mailing list builders etc)
8. Photography
9. Freelance Writing for PR and Traffic
10 . Creating Email List Builders
11. Connecting To Your Audience Using Video
12. Making a Living from Your Blog (in 2017)
Bonus week: How to Build an Empire

Plus weekly office hours and access to our private Facebook community

There's never been a better time to be a creative. 
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Join blogger (and author, publisher, photographer and baby wrangler) Christine Gilbert for this 12 week intensive course that gives you all of the INSIDE tips on how she converted a simple blog into hundreds of thousands of dollars, a book deal with Penguin Random House, a documentary film, a successful Kickstarter and more. She's traveled to 40 countries and supported her entire family from what started as just a $10 domain name and some web hosting. You can too.