I want to break something important down for you that you may feel is outside of your ability. We mostly focus on blogging/writing at We Create, but this year we are going to take a pretty serious dive into video for social media.

At the time of my writing this, one product has been coming up repeatedly on my feed. It´s Lego Tape – a product from a startup who are crowdsourcing funds to launch the product. If you are a parent, or a ners (I am both), then you have probably run across this in the last week or so.

Some guys I know made a video promoting it, and it’s awesome. Within a few hours of posting it, the video had about 5,000 views. A week later it is at 20k and counting.

First I want to talk about why it worked, then I will tell you how they did it (I didn’t ask them, but I know exactly how I would do it, and it’s very simple).

What they did right:

  • They credited the company making the product – It’s the somewhat transparent NIMUNO.COM in the upper left corner of the video
  • They made the video format square, rather than 16×9 or a more standard video ratio – If you are making videos for Youtube, you can keep the standard ratio, but Facebook, Instagram and lately Twitter are more rewarding when you make your videos square – You get more real estate on a mobile device screen, and nothing is cropped or too small to see.
  • They gave information with text rather than having someone narrate – Most videos on social media automatically start playing without sound, and many people will linger to watch without ever turning the sound on. If you can tell your story either with simple text transitions, or if someone on screen is talking – embedding closed captioning – you will keep more people watching to see what you are telling them than you would otherwise.
  • They branded the video with their logo – In the upper right, where it says Life of Dad

So how did they do it?

They most likely  pulled footage from the business they are promoting. I can tell you for sure, they did not shoot original video footage. Going to Nimuno.com brings you to a website with a bunch of demo videos of their product. They could have asked the company for use of their original videos, but they also could have pulled the videos straight from Youtube using one of many online tools that allow you to pull video from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. That isn’t always a very ethical way to get footage, so I would always recommend asking permission to use someone’s footage whenever possible. In this particular case,  I believe the Lego Tape company would be thrilled to have the publicity as a means to secure it’s funding, so in cases like that, it can be enough to credit the business or user as clearly as possible and hope they are okay with the way you have used the footage to promote them.

They found music that fits – I already covered three great places you can get free music for your video here.

They formatted it for maximum retention for Facebook – In my course, Easy Viral Video For Social Media, which starts at the end of this month, I will go over things like how to format your video for a square window, how to add text in ways that are simple and occasionally fun, without being distracting. It really isn’t hard, and can be done with free software.

They stitched together a story, rather than just copying what someone else did – They presented the product in a new way, taking parts of videos that worked for them and using text to fill in the details. Sure, they could have pulled a video from their Youtube channel and presented it as their own content, but that is lazy, unethical, and will eventually people would catch on that they were trying to pull one over with their audience. They took a great product and made a video that was all their own.

The point of all this, is to show how you could be doing this too.

I know these videos seem hard to imagine doing, but the possibilities are extraordinarily huge, and you can start making them with almost no budget to work with whatsoever, simply your own time, the computer you have in front of you, and your creative voice to guide your work. If you have even mildly considered the possibility of starting to use videos in your social media streams, this is the year you really need to start. Instead of sharing the work other people are doing, you could be the one creating the work that is shared in the thousands, extending your reach in a way you currently can’t.

About Easy Viral Video For Social Media

In this course we will cover how to come up with ideas worth sharing, how to research and gather videos,photos and music to use in your videos. How to edit videos and add text, all with professional level software that is free for both Mac and PC computers. It’s going to be super fun and eye-opening once you discover you can do this as well as so many other videos that pass through your stream. We are offering this newest course for a “Pilot Price” of $99, for early adopters who want to start learning before everyone else. After the course launches, the price will go back up to $249. Head here to sign up!