In this lesson we go over how to use Lightroom. This is the professional standard for processing photos, and thankfully, Adobe has made it super inexpensive to use both Lightroom and Photoshop together ($9,99 per month), additionally, you get a free trial before you commit to buying.

We promise you, Lightroom will change everything for you in terms of how your photos turn out once you bring them from your camera into your computer. Download Lightroom here if you don’t already have it:

Below is a hugely practical tutorial on using Lightroom in every day processing.

Lightroom at a glance:

The essential things you need to get a handle on are toggling between the Library and Develop tabs, where you will spend 99% of your time. Within the Develop tab is the Develop settings, where you will have total control of so much of your image.


If your camera can shoot on RAW, please try to do so. RAW format leaves all of the image’s light information, uncompressed, there for you to play with. It means you will need more storage space as you take more photos, but it is worth doing, rather than having the camera compress your image into a JPG, which you can still work with, but you will learn quickly that playing with something like the EXPOSURE just does not result in the same effect that it does when you have a RAW file.

Lightroom preserves your image:

Also worth noting is that when you edit an image in Lightroom, there will always be a version of your photo intact that is what your camera first shot. You can apply filter after filter to it, export those to new images, but unless you actually try to overwrite the original on purpose, you can always reset and start over. So play! If you don’t like the results, you can always start back from the beginning.


  • Start shooting in RAW format if your camera allows it.
  • Get your free trial of Lightroom from the link above
  • Start playing around with processing. Show us the results in the Facebook group.

1Switch camera to RAW setting
2Download and install Lightroom
3Experiment and share with the group