Today we launched (ha!) the BIG LAUNCH. But right now I want to talk a little about the story behind it:

I write courses, but I also belong to a number of other courses. I routinely invest in these programs because it pays off. It might be $400 for a course that teaches podcasting, but if it saves me time and effort, it’s so worth it. I recently learned that for my upcoming podcast (this winter) I should wait to start publishing on iTunes until I have 10 or more episodes to drop at once so that I can rank higher on the most popular lists, and take advantage of that small window when it’s possible to get noticed as a newbie. I would have never had thought of this! To me that was worth the entire cost of admission.

However, I do hear about people who spend insane amounts on courses… I read one piece where the author spend $28,000 on courses but then just made $23,000 her first year. It has to make sense financially. The return on investment should match what you can expect to earn.

For creatives, it’s even more challenging. What if you don’t make any money your first year? Should you invest in your blog before it’s making money? It ends up being this cycle of exclusion, where people like me can afford all the best advice and materials, but the people who would probably benefit even more are struggling to make ends meet.

So that’s why I love being part of these flash sales. Yes, it’s $129, which I don’t underestimate as being quite a bit of money, but it’s also 11 truly solid courses, that all have a return on investment, mostly monetary, tied to them. I would be hard pressed to see anyone take any one of these courses at that price and not see their investment pay off, never mind the whole bundle. And it opens the doors to my courses and the other contributors to have broader cross-section of students, something that I’ve observed first hand has the ability to transform and enrich any community. We build better online spaces when we’re more inclusive. So I’m thrilled to get to do this.

So what does this bundle include? I’ve started thinking about it as the four main pillars of making money online: freelancing, writing, coaching/consulting and blogging/starting an online business. I’ve been asked for years and years about how to approach going from a day job to an online business and it’s surprisingly simple. It’s those four options. You either freelance, write, coach or start a business. The amazing thing about this bundle and what I’m super proud of is that it addresses all four.

Here’s the run down:


The LEAP Guide, by Leah Kalamakis and Heather Thorkelson (value $397)

Freelancing is fraught with hurdles, but if you do it right, you can: set your own schedule (4-days a week anyone?), work for only inspiring clients, have the freedom to choose projects you’re passionate about and build your business around your life (not the other way around). In this mega five-module, 25 topic course you’ll learn how to create a fulfilling freelancing career.

Creative Class, by Paul Jarvis (value $300)

The toughest part of freelancing isn’t the actual work. It’s the stuff that enables you to DO your work, like business, marketing & sales.

We’re talking clients. Pricing. Landing projects. Getting paid. Managing revisions (endless revisions). Finding your audience and connecting with them in a way that feels right for you. If you’re like most freelancers, it’s the business stuff that keeps you awake at night, not the actual writing, programming, coaching or designing. That’s where the Creative Class comes in.

In just 12, self-paced online lessons, you’ll learn the business of freelancing. Start to finish. Most importantly, you’ll know how to immediately apply what you’ve learned.

Join over 2,000 designers, developers, writers, consultants and other freelancers who are learning how to earn more, attract better clients, eliminate business headaches, and bridge the gap between their current reality and their freelancing goals.


Bag Clients With Your Blog, by Lizzie Davey (value $79)

For many bloggers / writers, copywriting can be a way to bootstrap their next project or a career in itself. In this four-part course you’ll learn how to leverage your blog to gain clients from your blog. Also includes swipe files, a workbook and calendars to help you put the lessons into practice to get you up and running even faster.

TWO COURSE BUNDLE: Writing Non-Fiction Book Proposals, Queries & Agents PLUS 30-day book outline course, by Christine Gilbert (value $294)

Yes, you can get an agent and a book deal even if you’re not a huge blogger! Join Penguin Random House author Christine Gilbert as she walks you through a 30-day course on how to outline your book (fiction or non-fiction) and six-weeks of writing your non-fiction book proposal, finding an agent and writing query letters.


Startup to Sold Out, by Lydia Lee (value $297)

Whether you want to start a coaching business or create how-to products, if you want to help people, you’ve come to the right place. In this 8-week course you’ll get the blueprint to building that business plus tons of templates, bonus materials and weekly action items.

Blogging/ Online Business

Pintastic Profit Plan, by Summer Tannhauser (value $197)

Have you been pinning your heart out but wondering how this ties back to your business? In this 31-day course you’ll learn how monetize your Pinterest boards in actionable step-by-step instructions. Includes 5 modules, 14 lessons, a course workbook and access to a private community to ask questions.

Pitching Masterclass, by Tommo & Megsy (value $157)

This course explains in detail how you find, pitch and partner with companies – then deliver great content that will make them excited to work with you. Online course plus email templates – most course members report success within 1-5 emails! Self Publishing Skills, by Bailey Richert (value $249) Amazon offers a huge opportunity for self-published authors, but it can also be frustrating to navigate and difficult to stand out. In this five-module course you’ll learn how to write and format your ebook, design the cover, publish and set up Amazon (keywords and other tricks) and how to successfully market your book for the highest impact. The course also includes templates and design credits at

Creating Killer List Builders, by Christine Gilbert (value $147)

There isn’t a creative project in the world that is not helped immensely by just having a bigger audience! Yes, getting subscribers and building your audience is the bread and butter to any creative career, so get a jump start on your numbers by building an opt-in incentive that converts like crazy. In this five-day course, we provide everything from video tutorials, templates, graphic design tools and even free stock photography.

Selling with Print-on-Demand, by Drew Gilbert (value $147)

Listen, we’re not talking about the Café Press t-shirt shops from a decade ago. Print-on-demand has come a long way and you can now offer your audiences really cool products with your design / logo / artwork – plus leverage those platforms social structures to develop truly passive income for your blog. In this 8-week course, under the guidance of a professional artist, you’ll learn not just how to create products your readers will love, but how to best position your brand, calculate monthly sales goals and integrate your efforts across social media.

Take Your Voice Back Convert the Room Study Course, by Joleene Moody (value $97)

Learn how to become a professional speaker, get paid and leverage your voice to help promote your other projects! This five-part course includes a workbook and audio lessons.


Plus all three videos from last week’s webinars. They are all included:

1. How to Hack Your Creative Career
2. Should I Self-Publish or Traditional Publish?
3. How to Create a Five-Figure Launch

There is no fluff here. This is like strapping a rocket to your career. But our Swiss Army Knife of skills will only be available until midnight EST on August 24th. Then, just like that, it’s gone forever.

Check it out here:

Or have a question about what the bundle includes? Email [email protected] and we’ll respond right away!