Vine, the 6 second video service from Twitter, announced in late October that it was shutting down the service. This left a massive community and thousands of content creators scrambling to pivot to grow their audience in some new way (which I wrote about here). A new update from the company gives details on how this shutdown will proceed.

In January, the app will be paired down to a “Vine camera” which will allow creators to continue creating their loops. From there, the creator can save their videos to their phone or post them directly to Twitter. Creators will also soon have a “Follow on Twitter” callout, directing Vine users to follow their favorite creators on Twitter as they transition away from Vine.

MOST IMPORTANT: You can now download your Vines via your phone or on the web. If you do it from your browser, look for this button in your profile. You will be able to download them as a single ZIP file. If you have dozens or even hundreds of Vines, this will save you an unbelievable amount of time.


Doing right by the creators that made the platform popular

This entire transition is going as well as one could hope, for both Vine creators and Twitter, the parent company of Vine. Allowing creators such an easy path to getting their content is a solid move, and pointing users back to creator’s Twitter accounts allows Twitter to keep people on board with their main focus, which is important when so many creators have looked to Instagram and Youtube as their home after Vine’s closing.

Having the option to continue creating loops also appears to be a concession made to creators (and a loyal community) who simply enjoy the unique 6 second looping format and want to be able to continue to create in that space. Twitter is doing the best they can to service the format while bringing it under the Twitter umbrella.

So if you used the service in the past and want to hold onto those memories in some way, head to Vine, sign in and grab those videos.